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Momma & Litter of 5

This stray momma had nowhere to go in the heat and brought her babies to a residence, who brought them to us to look after.

Ron White

Ron came with his name, after the comedian!

Litter of 5

These 5 little ones are learning to socialize with humans before they'll be ready for forever homes.


A very sweet older gentleman who loves to cuddle and snuggle!

Bo & Lilly

A sweet pair of ducks that came to us together to live on the farm.

Everything Bagel

A fancy name for a very fancy hen.

A Pack of Roosters

And Even More Roosters!


Leroy is a super sweet and gentle little kitten with a love for cuddling.

Litter of 7

This tiny but might little abandoned litter is growing bigger and bigger by the day!

Big Red

One of the largest roosters we've ever seen, Big Red is part of our permanent residency.

The Pterodactyl

This little guy is learning to get back on his feet again!

Carmelo & Sharpie

Mother and son, these two came to us and will be permanent residents in our sanctuary.


Stevie is so sweet and loves to be with her humans.


Rodney is the sweetest little man around. He's learning his crate training between zoomies around the yard.

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